BLOG: Adilson Neves – Work to give, give what works

¨I’m grateful for this moment. I found a sense of purpose, a sense of direction. Before I was lost. I started off broke and poor. Did not know what to do with my life. I tired to make fast money, which cost me 4 month in prison. I took time to reflect. If you want to help yourself you help others, you help by giving back!” Today Adilson gives back as a role model to the youth and as mentor/mentee to the elderly. Want to know more?


By a resounding storm of cheers Adilson Neves was chosen as the crowd favorite at TEDxRotterdam Open Mic. We sat down for an interview with him, would he be your favorite too?

Please describe your project/movement/idea

Self-awareness. Sharing open and honest stories about our everyday lives to encourage people to be the best version of their selves. When lost or out of ideas, to give them a direction in a form of volunteer work in care homes.

Which aha moments have you had along the way?

My ‘aha’ moment came when I became self-aware. Knowing my needs and acknowledging my flaws. It was the moment, I gave up the paralysing doubts and started to move forward with my insecurities to give back to society and help others around me.

It came to me when people started to come into my life, wanting to help out in one way or another. It happened because they resonated with my personal story and the reason I was doing the work that I do. I saw that every time I shared my story and the actions that followed by it, people wanted to somehow participate. This burst of energy made it that I pushed myself even more.

What do you hope will happen at the TEDx Rotterdam event?

People will become more self-aware in what they can do for this world and the people around them. Even when someone doesn’t has the proper mindset yet to achieve their own goals, that those who are in position to help, share their own success stories and create the opportunities to help. It starts with self-awareness. With knowing who you are.

And that’s a rap… We look forward to see and hear from Adilson Neves once again on the big main stage on March 29th, where he will help us all raise the bar!

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