BLOG: Meet our second TEDxRotterdam 2019 speaker - Wesley dos Santos

Three and a half years ago Wesley dos Santos started his own shoe brand Diversité Footwear with a friend and the help of Google. He reached out to some Portuguese shoe manufacturers and with one of them on board his business was good and truly on the move! One year later he started a circular boat rental company with his girlfriend, called iKapitein. In 2018 Wesley won the FunX Media Business Award, which is the networking event for entrepreneurs who have just started or want to expand their network. Also in 2018 he won the RET Aardig Onderweg Award, because he came up with an innovative, technical and sustainable solution, that makes Rotterdam more beautiful, smarter and sustainable. With this award he received a place on stage as a TEDxRotterdam speaker and he was invited to meet the King of Holland and the President of Cape Verde, to talk about circular business opportunities.

We sat down with the shoe expert and young entrepreneur to hear what he is all about:

Tell us about your project, movement or idea
I believe that there are three main skills that are important in the current and next Economy. Three skills you need if you want to realize your imaginations. Three skills for a better world processed into one word; Tinkhustcularity (Tinkering, Hustling and Circularity) I want to stimulate tinkering by telling my own story about how I got from tinkering, to hustling to building a circular business and personal conversation with our King (Alexander). But I also want to tell other examples and inspiring stories from people like Edison. People often ask me how I do the things that I'm doing and what the mains steps are for me to achieve what I've achieved till now. My main goal is to keep growing by giving back, so I want to tell them my Tinkhustcularity 'secrets'.

Which ¨Aha¨ moments have you had along the way?
My whole journey is one big Aha moment. That is what I like. Along the way I've noticed that you have to feel comfortable in uncomfortable situations if you want to succeed. It's important to use and develop your Tinkhustcularity skills if you want to make a change. I believe that there is no handbook written for succes, you have to write it by yourself, learning by doing.

What are your expectations for TEDxRotterdam 2019?
Coaching, great people and a inspiring vibe. That’s all I need to tell my story ;)

Don't be shy, get off the couch and come meet us in the bar on the 29th March for the main TEDxRotterdam event and help yourself and us raise the bar! Buy your ticket right here right now and be sure to be part of our crowd.

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