BLOG: Meet TEDxRotterdam 2019 speaker - Ismail Aghzanay

¨The way I was educated as a kid gace me the intrinsic motivation to teach myself. Not because it inspired me, but because I sincerely believed there had tob e a better way. After being excluded from the regular educational system, I spend years at special education. My path led me to become a teacher myself, against all odds. Last year, my work was crowned and I´m proud to say that I´m the teacher of the year in Rotterdam. My journey with struggles and successes, is a story I hope to inspire other with.¨says Ismail.

We sat down with the man himself to ask him a bit more about himself:

Tell us about your project, movement or idea
Every pupil has the ability to achieve something in life. The only thing we should do as teachers and educators, is believing in them by seeing opportunities.

Which ¨Aha¨ moments have you had along the way?
In my youth, I mostly met teachers who weren't the best example and that gave me a different view about the role of a teacher. However, that changed when I met some great examples and that was my Aha moment.

What are your expectations for TEDxRotterdam 2019?
I hope people will change their perspectives and attitude towards children.

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