BLOG: Meet TEDxRotterdam 2019 speaker - Jean Marie Molina

Jean Marie Molina works at the Hogeschool Rotterdam where over 3.900 students study for more than 5 years in total. Up to now, she has coached more than one hundred students from 4 different study backgrounds using her method which she calles ¨Tough Love¨. For several years it was said that the long term students who were having trouble finishing their study had a migrant background and came out of low level educational families, but you can throw that picture in the trashcan, says Molina. ¨Yes, you do see a delay in end study in the traditional groups, but it’s surprising that they are becoming more and more white kids, often with high educated parents and a supportive network. They have everything they need for a successful study track and still they get stuck¨.

We sat down with the ¨tough love¨ coach to ask her a bit more about herself:

Tell us about your project, movement or idea
I work as a senior lecturer at Hogeschool Rotterdam. Over the past years I have developed an expertise in working with students who are deemed unworthy or problematic. This due to the fact that they are unable to complete their education within the allotted 5 years. I have developed a teaching method that has been proven successful in helping these students to graduate. This method is aimed at showing teachers how great their influence is on the failure and success of their students. What makes my method extraordinary is that it teaches students how to identify and react to challenge and failure, and creates a cognitive reactive process within them which influences their mindset, the goals they set, the effort they put into achieving their goals and finally their chances of success.

Which ¨Aha¨ moments have you had along the way?
The most significant insight I have had along the way is the realisation that as parents, educators and a society we have not taught our children how to fail and how to cope with failure. It is this inability to fail that lies at the basis of many of these students inability to achieve success.

What are your expectations for TEDxRotterdam 2019?
I want success for all our children so I hope to be able to reach fellow educators and education professionals and inspire them to join me in my fight to make our children success seekers instead of failure avoiders.

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  1. Simone Huijbregts schreef:

    Wow, Jean-Molina, off course I will come and see you at TEDx Rotterdam.
    I do hope you will shine & you have all my support, go go go girl!

    Simone Huijbregts (studentcounsellor at Hogeschool Rotterdam)

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