BLOG: Meet TEDxRotterdam 2019 speaker - Y.M.P

Y.M.P, or YoungMichPoetry, is a successful entrepreneur and artist. He discovered his love for rap at a low point of his life, when he was in prison. Now, he tries to use his experience in a positive way, by writing about the negative things that happened in his past and translating them into positive outcomes. In 2016, Y.M.P put on one-man show ¨De Binnenplaats¨ about growing up without a father and a lack of family values. Next to this he is the administrative leader of Productiehuis FLOW, where he teaches young people about art and performance

We sat down with the rap talent to learn a bit more about him:

Tell us about your project, movement or idea
I believe that we are living in very important times. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. The gap between rich and poor is growing every day. We are divided by race, education and religion. I have come to the conclusion that the wrong people are in power. But are they really in power? Or are we just living in a facade? We assume that people in power know what is best for us but everywhere I go I see people unite. People unify for justice and fight for what they believe in. We have more than 180 different cultures in Rotterdam and the revolution has started. Let’s see where it ends.

Which ¨Aha¨ moments have you had along the way?
Talking with my mother gives me “aha" moments every time. She came to this country as an immigrant and to give me a better life. My mother made sacrifices for me and it’s time for me to pay her back. I also see young people creating movements for a better life.

What are your expectations for TEDxRotterdam 2019?
I expect TEDxRotterdam to be inspiring and full of knowledge sharing. The city of Rotterdam has so many beautiful voices that need to be heard.

Don't be shy, get off the couch and come meet us in the bar on the 29th March for the main TEDxRotterdam event and help yourself and us raise the bar! Buy your ticket right here right now and be sure to be part of our crowd.

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