BLOG: Should we take the New Year Plunge completely?

In line with our TEDxRotterdam New Year’s resolution, a plastic free January, we are “Raising the Bar” in line with our TEDxRotterdam 2019 motto. We have engaged with the fantastic ¨Big Blue Ocean Cleanup¨ crew (, talking about cleaning an entire beach this summer with the help of you guys! We need you all to help us if we are ever going to achieve this ambitious goal, therefore we will be running a poll on Facebook ( The more likes we get for this blog, as well as commitments to contribute, the more serious we will get. You can even let us know which beach you want us to attack!! Our deadline will be 15 of February 2019. If we generate enough likes by then we will organise a Cleanup in May or June.

First though lets meet Big Blue Ocean Cleanup, the guys who inspired us to Raise the Bar on our plastic adventure. We sat down for an interview with Callum Scriven, Vice President and Head of Global Operations:

What is Big Blue Ocean Cleanup's main purpose?
The main purpose is to protect marine wildlife and reduce the amount of plastic polluting our oceans and beaches around the world, so they can be enjoyed by future generations. Big Blue Ocean Cleanup also aims to inspire the future generation to become warriors in the fight against plastic pollution and be conscious of the footprint they're leaving on the environment.

What do you do to achieve this purpose?
We achieve this purpose mainly through our ambassador programme. An ambassador is someone who wants to represent Big Blue Ocean Cleanup in their local area and do as much as possible to protect and preserve our oceans and beaches. We provide our vast global network of ambassadors with cleanup equipment and resources to promote clean coastlines in their community; whether this be by organising and participating in beach cleans or by educating others at local schools and events.

How can Big Blue Ocean Cleanup help people to ‘Raise the Bar’?
We hope to inspire our ambassadors to make changes in their everyday lives. To reduce the amount of plastic they consume and get them to encourage others to do so as well. If our ambassadors can influence those around them to make changes, no matter how small, the combined result has the potential to dramatically decrease the threat we are seeing to marine wildlife and our oceans.

You heard the man! Don´t be shy, get off the couch and help us cleanup a beach!

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