BLOG: Want to Raise the Bar globally?

Let us help you to ‘Raise the Bar’ and the bar of the world, by looking into what your country could do!

In the words of professor Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive chairman of the World Economic Forum: ¨Never has science been clearer in its concern about the risks of climate change and the stress this places on our oceans and other vital ecosystems. Yet our response to melting glaciers is glacial.¨

Lets take a look at 2 stories form World Economic Forum:
Air pollution in Lahore, Pakistan, has hit five times the legal limit, causing headaches and burning eyes. It has the worst air in the world causing grief for the 11 million people living there. To tackle this, fines are issued for brick kilns that use dirty fuels, such as burning tires, loans are offered enabling people to switch to cleaner energy, factories are closed over the winter and farmers who burn crop stubble are fined. Additionally they are planting trees in urban areas. How is your country protecting its air?
Scientists says humans are causing Earth´s sixth mass extinction. So many animals will go extinct in the next 50 years, that it will take our planet 3 million years to recover. If we carry on without changing our behavior 99,9% of critically endangered species will be lost, destroying billions of years of evolution that happened before us. Big animals such as rhinos and elephants are under severe threat and the planet suffers when animals die off. Asian elephants only have a 33% chance of making it to 2100. Animals do have their own defense against threats to their survival which is evolution. But they cannot evolve as fast as we are destroying their habitats. 83% of wild animals have already gone extinct and even if we stopped poaching, polluting and destroying wild areas in the next 50 years, it would take 3 to 5 million years for Earth to return to how it is today. However, some species such as elephants would never re-evolve if lost. How is your country protecting its animals?

So, do you want to know how your country is doing on different issues and what you can do to help? Have a look at World Economic Forum and get involved.

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