BLOG: Want us to help you Raise the Bar?

According to Forbes and a study conducted by University of Scranton, only 8% of people who set New Years Resolutions actually make a permanent change in their lives. The curve looks dim but we want to shine some light on it, and help you to Raise the Bar on your personal new year resolutions!

How can we help you Raise the Bar??
Well, first you need to tell us what your New Years Resolution was this year. We asked a few people what their plans were and discussed how they could Raise their Bar this year. To keep us all on track we encouraged them to join our TEDxRotterdam FaceBook group where we help each other, and cheer each other on. We are all in it together, let’s get that New Years Resolution going higher and higher! We have had some great shares already…

I am not finished with my list yet. One of my goals is to do yoga a minimum of 4 times a week. Other goals are to be a good mom and partner, and save money. I also need to make a ‘let go of things’ list.

Cor van Drieberge:
Having presented at the TEDxAwards has given me a boost to start working on more presentations on different stages. So one of my New Years Resolutions, my new goals, is to present my ideas on many different stages throughout the world. To talk about martial arts, coaching and the benefits of this combination for everyone.

I love my kids but I think this year I will go for a bit more me time. Taking care of one self is also important!

Mr. X:
This year I focus only on myself and selfgrowth. I Raise the Bar for myself.

Plastic free January
Finally, we should not forget the 40+ brave souls who took on the TEDxRotterdam challenge, a January free of plastic month, Raising not only the Bar of our TEDxRotterdam crew but also their own personal bar. We salute you guys in your efforts, from our side it was not without a bit of sweat and tears that we got through it!

We want to hear what other goals you are setting you self and how we can all Raise the Bar. Don't be shy, get off the couch and come meet us in the bar on the 29th March for the main TEDxRotterdam event, help yourself and us to Raise the Bar! Buy your ticket right here right now and be sure to be part of our crowd.

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